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Sonic RPG is a flash game created by MidNightMaren and tells the story of Seelkadoom, a being made from both Sonic's and Shadow's DNA and Battle Data. Sonic, along with his friends, must find a way to stop him before he enslaves the universe!


Sonic RPG presumably follows the events of Sonic Heroes, where Sonic takes a long wanted vacation at the beach. However, he is attacked by his arch-enemy Dr. Eggman, with a new menace. In an another attempt to achieve his goal for world domination, the Doctor started a new plan involving DNA and genetic mutation to create living copies of people and monsters from Mobius.

With this experiments, Seelkadoom is created, a being with Sonic and Shadow's DNA and battle data. After the events on the Death Egg involving the heroes party (composed of Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles), Dr. Eggman, realizing he is unable to control his own creation, sends everyone to another dimension using a machine powered by the Master Emerald, prior to Seelkadoom's creation.

The series follows on this new dimension called Herbegitan, with NiGHTS as an ally of the heroes trying to protect the land, and his rival Reala as an ally of Seelkadoom in an attempt to conquer it.


Even if the series itself is called Sonic RPG, the main focus of the series is the story-telling feature and not the gameplay itself. The only game feature on the series is in the battles between characters, and even the level-up system is not authentic, only displayed for canon/game evidence (even though the levels are maintained for most part of the series between episodes, to make it seem legit). However the gameplay (RPG battle system) varies on each episode almost completely, with Episode 5 showing the most innovation and improvement. In this same Episode, contradicting the previous stating of the game part only being the RPG battles, an exploration part is featured, where Sonic ventures a dungeon, collecting keys and finding his way out.

Episode 1 to 4Edit

Episode 4

Battle system on Episode 4

The battle system is only considered game-like. The characters statistics like Hp, Mp, and Sp are fixed, and each choice of the attacks lead to particularly the same ending, with different routes, each battle. The fans consider this episodes Movie/Games and not games at all, since the programming on this episodes are mediocre, and the statistics and damage done is always the same. Basically, the battle system is only a mash-up of different clips for each attack, leading to the same ending independently of the choice taken.

Episode 5 to 8Edit

Episode 7

Episode 7 full-RPG Battle system, featuring 2 party members.

From this episode onward the battle system is completely different. It retains the same formula of previews episode, of the classic turn-based RPGs. However, the statistics are not static, being dynamic and changeable each turn. The battles can drag from 3 minutes to a whole 15 minutes long depending on the strategy used to defeat each opponent. The damage taken and dealt to the enemy are now randomized, and not the same each attack. This is considered a full-RPG battle.

Episode 5 features an exploration section, where Sonic ventures a dungeon, collecting keys and finding his way out, with a pseudo-random encounters, much like most Final Fantasy games (however these monsters always appear in the same spot of the dungeon).

Episode 6 features an attack-pattern for the enemies in the RPG battles, and the main boss of the episode requires a full-scale strategy to be defeated (a lot of players were unable to defeat Eggman because of this).

Sonic RPG 8

Episode 8 with an innovative menu design showing full information.

Episode 7 features the first full-RPG battle formula with 2 party members (Shadow and NiGHTS), and features the Overdrive-system as well as a combo between the party members.

Episode 8 features the most changes and the most inovating RPG-system to date in the series. The menus have the full information for each attack (Range, Type, Power level, etc) and its description (where previously the player had to "guess" the attack from its name alone). Both party members have offensive, defensive and supportive attacks and skills. Both party members have Overlimits (Overdrives or Limit Break), and a Team Overlimit is available when both Overlimit gauges are full. In this episode alone the Mp (Magic points), are not present, whereas both Specials and Skills use Sp.

Episode 9 features a complete revamp of the original formula. Instead of a turn-based battle, it works as Hack 'n Slash-esque battle. The menus have been tweaked, where it shows the controls list. Another thing it features is a Strategy gimmick, which requires the player to command how the other NPCs battle.

List of Episodes and InformationEdit

So far, 9 episodes have been released, along with The 'Intro' to the 10th episode, which is coming soon. The list are as follows on the Author Website:

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