Sonic RPG episode 8

The story begins as Sonic takes a vacation on the beach. Dr. Eggman comes and sends out a clone of Chaos, the water monster, attacks him and is about to defeat him, when Shadow arrives on the scene to stop Eggman. He used Chaos Control to defeat Chaos, but Eggman takes that chance while the two of them were fighting to copy their battle data and steal Shadow's Emerald. Sonic commands Shadow to find Knuckles at Mystic Ruins and get the Master Emerald. After a battle in which Shadow was almost defeated, Knuckles decides to trust him and went with him.

Meanwhile on the Death Egg, Sonic arrives and confronts Eggman. After explaining to a stunned Eggman about how he can use Super Sonic form now and fly, Eggman battles him with a Greater Diger Robot. After Battle, the onboard computer states on the PA that the "creation" and "experiment" has been finished. With the dream of Egg Empire drawing closer with the new creation, Eggman immediately activated it and named it "Sonaw". The mysterious dark entity pummels Sonic and asks Sonic where was Shadow. Shadow arrives together with Knux and confronts "Sonaw". While Eggman was naming it Sonaw, the dark hedgehog suddenly interrupts, stating that it was created for the purpose of destroying Sonic and Shadow, it now wants to enslave everybody and names itself Seelkadoom. Eggman realizes that the creation was uncontrollable and decides to send all the people on board to an alternate dimension via a portal.

While being transported, Sonic questions himself about whether he would die. After being woken up from his slumber by a purple figure, he asks who is he. The purple entity introduces himself as NiGHTS, and says that his friends told him his name already. Sonic asks NiGHTS where were the others? NiGHTS says that they had left, Shadow to the Dark Castle and Knux to find out how to escape this dimension.